Greg Bade


Windermere North Spokane LLC

9017 N Country Homes Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99218

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How I Got Here

I was raised in Southern California and learned at a young age to work hard and play hard, though not always in that order. My dad always seemed to have a new idea for my four brothers and I to get out and earn money. We went door-to-door painting street addresses on curbs for $2 a house.  We cleared land for developers, picking and selling oranges to the juice plants and then cutting the trees to sell as firewood. We started a newspaper recycling business. I learned the value of an honest day’s work and learned to save and budget.

After graduating high school I joined the Air Force and set out to see the world. The military took me to Asia, Europe and the Middle East - and Spokane,in 1991. The Lilac Citybecame my home and it was here that I bought my first house.

Who I Brought With Me

While living in Phoenix I married a girl from Philadelphia in 1986. Terri and I started our family several years later by adopting a baby girl from Romania. A few years later we adopted a girl from Bulgaria. Then a boy from Tampa. Another boy from Baltimore joined our clan and then another little guy from Florida. This crew arrived in Spokane in 2001 when I retired from the Air Force. Soon we adopted a baby boy from Spokane and then a girl from Florida. Our family was complete in 2007 when we adopted two little sisters and their older brother from Ethiopia. If you’re counting, that makes 10 kiddos; 5 girls and 5 boys!

Find Your Fit

Finding the right home is all about finding a home that fits your needs and lifestyle. I have moved houses 11 times and the one constant hasbeen getting into a home that works for my family. As your Realtor my ultimate priority is helping you find your fit. I know from experience that this may take some time and work. My pledge to you is to help you in any way I can find the house that will fit your needs and become your home.