Chris Connelly


Windermere North Spokane LLC

9017 N Country Homes Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99218

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Re-newed team…new level of service

I am excited to re-enter the real estate world to team up with my father-in-law Hal Greene, and together we are seeking to serve our clients (or as Hal likes to call them…our friends :-) more effectively. Service has always been a priority with Hal and me…all the way back to our days working together at the Sower Bible Bookstore. We not only work hard for our friends but we enjoy the process of helping them with every aspect of their real estate needs.

What I bring to the table

My background with the Air Force, retail management, office administration, marketing, and IP law have helped prepare me for the next phase of my life in real estate. These areas have equipped me with the skills necessary to succeed in helping those entrusted to me and Hal in either buying or selling their home. Skills such as discipline, customer care, organization, technology, and communication. I am admittedly a Pennsylvania transplant via the Air Force, but that was more than 20 years ago. Since then, I have established deep roots in Spokane with my wife Kyrsi and our three children. I love Spokane…and I am thrilled to help others establish their own roots in this wonderful community.

Let us be your Home Advocate

Instead of using the term client which has a cold, transactional feeling to it, we prefer to use the term friend, because it conjures up thoughts of support and advocacy. And that’s what we want to be for our friends…their “home advocates.” Hal and I want to be your home advocate whether you are buying or selling for the first time or the tenth time. Let us be your advocate navigating the waters of real estate.